AT is/is not


The Alexander Technique is:

  • A way of understanding how the body is naturally designed to work;
  • A way of becoming more aware, both of ourselves and the world around us;
  • A re-education of how to use the body in way that restores and maintains psycho-physical equilibrium;
  • A process which can help us to recognise the interference that we ourselves inflict upon the body’s natural functioning;
  • A way to use our thinking capacity to bring about a desired change so that we may go about our daily activities in a more co-ordinated fashion;
  • A technique you can practice on your own, to help you move in a way that carries the minimum amount of tension at any given time (we obviously need a certain amount of tension to perform any function, the trouble is that we often overdo it.).

The Alexander Technique is not:

  • A therapy;
  • A form of treatment of any kind;
  • Anything to do with massage, physiotherapy, or the like;
  • A form of healing – although the body’s natural healing processes may well be activated;
  • An exercise program in any shape or form;
  • Manipulation;
  • A complementary medicine, such as homeopathy, acupuncture or osteopathy.
    You do not have to be ill or have something wrong with you to gain benefit from the Technique. It just so happens that many of us only start to look at the way we live in times of crisis (It is worth reminding ourselves that prevention is better than cure!).

In short, the Alexander Technique is something we learn in order to help ourselves, rather than a treatment whereby a doctor or therapist ‘does something’ to the patient.

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